Homework Horse: Equine Assisted Tutoring

Hard at work and hardly working, both as happy as can be!

Things like low self-esteem and anxiety can make learning difficult, especially for a child. Horses do not judge academic ability and often those emotional barriers to academic success are lessened or disappear completely around a horse friend.

Homework Horse is tutoring for grades K-5 with a human tutor and an equine study buddy. Your child will be partnered with an equine and a human facilitator will be there to provide gentle guidance during a hand-tailored tutoring program.

Sessions can be mounted (on horseback) or on the ground (activities that do not involve riding or sitting on the horse). Session type is determined after an initial meeting/assessment in which safety, comfort level and what type of session would be most beneficial are considered.

One-Hour Sessions are $75 after a one-time $50 Assessment.
Participants who receive SNAP (food stamps) benefits are eligible for a reduced rate.