Pasture Time: Respite Care

Kuniko learning about deep relaxation with a sleeping foal

re·​spite | \ ˈre-spət also ri-ˈspīt \ : an interval of rest or relief

During times of extended stress and intensive care giving we need to rest and recharge in order to continue facing challenges and responsibilities. Horses have slower heart rates and breathe more slowly than humans. When we spend time with them, we often start to sync up to those rhythms and it can have a calming effect on us. As prey animals they have learned how to be aware of their surroundings, be ready to move if there is danger, but also to rest and relax completely when it is safe to do so. Come find a safe space with the horses and let us guide you to a calm and peaceful place.

Respite sessions are on the ground (activities that do not involve riding or sitting on the horse).

One-Hour Sessions are $60 .
Participants who receive SNAP (food stamps) benefits are eligible for a reduced rate.