“I got thrown off a horse mid gallop when I was a teenager. It was a pretty ugly injury and quickly put an end to riding. It was another event in a series of events.
Horses live in the present. They are able to set boundaries, can immediately tell if you are not in congruence and are an incredible mirror for what is happening within you. They process trauma immediately, are highly sensitive and without judgment let you know if they want to engage in a relationship with you.
If you pause and listen, a horse will shine a light on everything you are struggling with. They can also be a vessel that heals those struggles.
My hope is that one day we are all given the opportunity to live fully in our power like they do. Thank you so much to Kuniko and Helping Hoof for allowing me the opportunity to be with these majestic creatures, to pause and to learn.
-Amanda, Leg Up Participant”

Dixie helping Kuniko show her CBEIP certification!
Oso working magic!

“Ms. Vroman thoughtfully crafted a completely individualized program for learning on horseback for my son, while keeping it super fun for him. He has a huge smile on his face the entire time!”

“I was also struck by how much he wanted to touch Oso and let him smell his hand. That’s a kind of desire to interact with an animal that I don’t recall seeing. Having him make a connection with other creatures is one of my goals for equine therapy, so I was very glad to see that.”

-Parents of 13 year old Horsing Around participant with ASD